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On the 13 th , 14 th and the 23 rd of November 2016 from 11am- 17 pm all of the above dates. If you have property in London and wish to refurbish or just give your place a make over, you will have the great opportunity to meet the executive Designer of Home Bliss.

You will be given a 20 min. slot for a general guidance of how we will be able to assist you including ideas, cost etc.

All interested parties should send an e-mail to contact@home-bliss.com in order for us to allocate the best appointment slot for you. The appointments will be free of charge.

  • Clean simple white lines adding single exquisite pieces with colour.

  • Using very wide light floorboards in order to create as much room and light as possible.

  • Special findings makes the room.

  • Embracing victorian style with a modern touch.

  • Layering different patterns and textures.

  • Respecting the victorian period whilst bringing the room up to date inviting abundance of light into the room.

  • Small quirky spaces makes a feature adding single stunning findings.

  • Light, calm feeling with softness of pale colours and patterns.

  • Creating room, abundance of light.

  • Making walls seem wider with special features

  • The super modern units adding a personal style with ancient fresco tiles

Home Bliss is a London based design and decor studio with a vision of combining traditional English architecture with a modern touch. The designs transform a house into a stylish personal environment reflecting the culture and needs of the individuals living in it.
  • 145 Portland Road, W11 4LR, London
  • 07850 692967
  • contact@home-bliss.com
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