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Home Bliss is working as a link between the contractor, the architect and the client, and is created to take the stress load off the client whilst the refurbishment is in process.

Home Bliss does not provide architect drawings, but is purely a design, decor and project management studio, which will add a personal feel to your home and enhance and support the ideas of the architects drawings.

The aim is to establish a personal style which does not over modernise the property, underlining the traditional architecture with a light modern touch and incorporating all the facilities that modern life requires.

This can be achieved by featuring a single wall or hallway with wallpaper, combining sleek 50s Danish design pieces with traditional cornicings, period fireplaces etc.

Different range of services are offered including project management, interior designs and decor, and the findings of a wide range of furnishings.

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Line Gonski Home Bliss


Line Gonski is originally from Denmark out of an architect family and has lived with a long on going tradition in Danish sleek designs putting functionality and human needs to the fore.

The long dark Danish winter is lived indoors, and therefore the home is very much the central point. The light summers inspire her work, focusing on creating as much light and space inside the house as possible.

Line is from an artistic background, she trained as a classical singer and in her early years worked in the performing arts. She has also taught singing and music to students entering the various schools of performing arts, as well as having taught special needs children.

  • Clean simple white lines adding single exquisite pieces with colour.

  • Using very wide light floorboards in order to create as much room and light as possible.

  • Special findings makes the room.

  • Embracing victorian style with a modern touch.

  • Layering different patterns and textures.

  • Respecting the victorian period whilst bringing the room up to date inviting abundance of light into the room.

  • Small quirky spaces makes a feature adding single stunning findings.

  • Light, calm feeling with softness of pale colours and patterns.

  • Creating room, abundance of light.

  • Making walls seem wider with special features

  • The super modern units adding a personal style with ancient fresco tiles

Home Bliss is a London based design and decor studio with a vision of combining traditional English architecture with a modern touch. The designs transform a house into a stylish personal environment reflecting the culture and needs of the individuals living in it.
  • 145 Portland Road, W11 4LR, London
  • 07850 692967
  • contact@home-bliss.com
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